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MOT in Maidstone

17 May 2016 / Autocraft Larkfield

MOT in Maidstone

An MOT is a yearly check-up on your vehicle to see whether or not it meets the safety standards required to be on the road. You are required to do this by law and get any part of your car that isn’t up to these standards fixed and tested again.

You can find that gov.uk clearly states:

“The MOT test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

You must get an MOT for your vehicle by either:

  •          the third anniversary of its registration
  •          the anniversary of its last MOT, if it’s over 3 years old”


Some vehicles must be tested at 1 year, so it is worth checking their MOT fees table to see whether or not you are driving your car legally.


The penalties for not complying with the law regarding your MOT are quite steep. You can face prosecution and/or a £1000 fine for driving on the road without a valid MOT with a couple of exceptions. These being:


  •          If you are driving it to or from somewhere to be repaired
  •          You have a pre-arranged MOT test.


It is not worth taking the risk. Police are able to scan your license plate and find out if your car is up to date with all its records. If not, you will be pulled over. These scanners are operational in police vehicles in Maidstone and across the rest of the UK.


When are you able to get an MOT?


Your MOT will last for one year and you can find the date it will run out on your last pass certificate. You are able to get an MOT within one month of your MOT running out, minus one day. So for example, if your MOT was due to run out on 25th June this year, you could schedule a new MOT from the 26th May up until this time. It is possible to schedule it sooner, but the renewal date will be different for the following year.


It is also possible to check the status of your MOT online. The gov.uk website provides you information on when both your vehicle tax and MOT are valid until. All it requires is your registration and the make of your vehicle.

So with all this in mind; when is your next MOT due? Here at Autocraft Larkfield, we can provide a full MOT in Maidstone. We have the capacity to detect and resolve any failures that may arise from testing and all at a very reasonable price.

We will check all of the following:

  •          Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment
  •          Steering and suspension
  •          Brakes
  •          Tyres
  •          Seat belts and restraint systems
  •          Body, structure and general items
  •          Exhaust, fuel and emissions
  •          Drivers view of the road

Booking your MOT in Maidstone couldn’t be simpler, we have a step by step online booking system that will allow you to allocate a date and time for us to take a look at your car. If your car were to fail for any reason; we will send you a quote and aim to get the repairs sorted on the day to make sure you are back on the road as swiftly as possible.

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