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Does your Peugeot need a service in Maidstone

28 June 2016 / Autocraft Larkfield

Does your Peugeot need a service in Maidstone?

To keep your Peugeot running the way it was made to; it is vital to make sure it is serviced. A service includes:

  • A diagnostic of your car
  • Top ups of all the fluids.
  • Changing of the oil and filter
  • Safety checks
  • Environmental checks such as your pollen filter and exhaust
  • Tyres, lights, indicators, mirrors and wipers
  • Other items dependent on the age of your car

The interval between each service varies depending on what Peugeot you drive. It can depend on the length of time or the amount of miles you have put on the clock since you last had the car serviced. You are able to find when your car is next due a service in your vehicle handbook.

Servicing your Peugeot does not only mean that parts of your car are less likely to fail. Fresh oil and other items will help to improve the efficiency of your vehicle. This means you will have better miles per gallon because everything has been looked after and works the way it should.

The other important thing to consider about servicing your vehicle is the value of your car. Without a full or part service history, if, one day, you decide you want to sell your car; it will be a lot more difficult unless you sell it at a knockdown price.

If you have bought a second hand Peugeot without a service history, it’s not a problem. However, it is important that you get it serviced as soon as you can. It’s not just part of a routine. Having your Peugeot serviced can identify potential problems and help you to fix them before they go wrong. This is especially important if your car hasn’t been looked at in a while. It will save you a lot more money rather than fixing a problem after it has gone wrong.

The other time you should look into getting your car serviced is if you are planning a long drive and your car will be due a service no more than a couple of months down the line. Let’s say you’re taking a trip from Maidstone to Aberdeen. What happens if something goes wrong with your car and you are the other side of the country? This could potentially ruin your stay with big bills in a garage you know nothing about. Servicing your car before you leave can give you peace of mind for your trip and again, save you money both in potential repairs and on the efficiency of your drive.

So when was the last time you had your Peugeot serviced in Maidstone? You can book your car in for its service on our website. Simply head to the booking page, select servicing and put in your vehicles registration number. We will give you an accurate quotation and servicing options. This way you can have your car serviced by a garage in Maidstone that you can trust and you won’t find any hidden fees for. We look forward to seeing you!

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