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Air Conditioning Service Maidstone

11 May 2016 / Autocraft Larkfield

Air Conditioning Service Maidstone

What it Does and Why You Should have it Serviced

If your car is fitted with air conditioning, it is more than likely you have put it to good use on many different occasions; but with summer just around the corner, is your A/C unit up to scratch?

Air Conditioning Service Maidstone

Air con does exactly what it says on the tin; it cools the air and reduces humidity. In the winter months, it helps to remove the moisture from the inside of your windscreen and in the summer months it keeps you cool. It’s much more effective than the standard blowers in your car!

There are three main components that work together to create your air conditioning. These are:

  • The Compressor – Refrigerant (explained below) enters the compressor in a low-pressure gaseous form. It is then pressurised and forced into the next component in your air conditioning system. This process creates heat which will be remedied in the next section.
  • The Condenser – The job of the condenser is to cool this pressurised gas down. The gas is forced around a coiled pipe where air will cool it back down until it becomes a liquid. Much like how steam condenses to become water again.
  • The Evaporator – The evaporator is located in the cabin of your car. The refrigerant has a very low boiling point by the time it reaches the evaporator and the temperature inside the cabin will cause it to boil and become a gas again. As it evaporates, a fan pushes the cool gas from the evaporator into the car to cool you down. The evaporator will also reduce the humidity inside the cabin because the water will condense on the evaporator coil along with any dirt or pollen. The refrigerant will then flow back to the condenser for the process to start all over again.

Air conditioning is a science of its own and just as any other part of your car, it needs to be serviced for it to work effectively.

So what needs to be checked or replaced when you get your car’s A/C unit serviced?

You’re A/C unit needs to be recharged (regassed) every 1-2 years. You may have heard this term before but what does this mean? It runs on a refrigerant which is a liquid that can either be topped up or completely drained and replaced; much like an oil change or coolant change. In most cases it should only be a case of topping the system up. If it is close to being empty or completely empty, it is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency to have the whole system checked over for any leaks. This is because the refrigerant, although it has been improved over time, can be harmful to the environment.

As well as being fully topped up on refrigerant, it’s important to make sure all these different components are working as they should. They need to be checked that there is nothing mechanically wrong with them and that there are no blockages to impede the process.

When was the last time you had your air conditioning checked? According to the Met Office, 2016 is supposedly going to be the hottest year on record and Maidstone is predicted to hit highs of 26°. On those long drives to the beach, you don’t want to be suffering while you bake inside your car so you’re going to need your air con. Why not come and get it checked out in Maidstone! A service should last an hour but it is advisable to leave your car for longer to run a full testing.

Visit our air con Maidstone page for full details and to book online,

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