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Air conditioning should be checked every two years and used frequently throughout the year (even in cold, winter weather) to make sure pipes aren’t left to corrode and that seals do not dry out and leak the gas to atmosphere.

Some modern cars will automatically turn on the air conditioning when you set off in icy conditions. Leave it to run for half an hour or so; it will help defrost the car and keep things moving so the air conditioning works smoothly when summer rolls around.

A pressure test is carried out to confirm the integrity of the air conditioning system and whether any refrigerant is still present. No appointment is necessary for this test; you can simply “drop-in” your vehicle, this service can take approximately one hour.

A/C Re-Charge ­from £40.00 + V.A.T.  A re-charge includes the following operations:

    • Recovery: removal of old refrigerant.
    • System evacuation: This process will clean and remove particles and moisture from the system to enable correct operation once re-charged.
    • Add compressor oil as necessary. 
    • Re-charge system to manufactures specified quantity;  The re-charge process takes approximately 45 – 60 minutes. 
    • System Test.  Apply De-odouriser/Anit-Bacterial spray to ventilation system.

A/C System Repairs. If a major leak is detected in the system a re-charge cannot be carried out. A price for repairs followed by a re-charge can be estimated for. Anti-Bacterial System Clean Treats the problem of bacteria building up in the a/c vents and eliminating a/c smells. Replacement of the pollen/cabin filter is also advisable.

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